Welcome Wonderful Women

What is your purpose in this life?  Your dharma?   Dharmaqueen site is a blog where we can share vignettes of our journey.  You can post them here under headings like grief, life overview, creativity, family, spirituality, all manner of gain and loss.  Or let me know a category we missed that would express you.   Losses, flashes of insight that inspire new directions, or our relationship challenges with all their soul scouring lights, can create brand new perspectives, that can even be hilarious.  Share yourself with us.   I see so many wonderful women aging with your wisdom locked inside.  We are “wisdom banks”  Let’s enjoy our legend.  Let’s deposit your wisdom into the dharmaqueen bank.

The process is simple.   Click on share or blog. Choose a category.  There you’ll find a form for your name and email and under comment, post your writing.  I will check the postings, approve them and they will be added to the site

An added option is that we will meet, if you have time or inclination, on a free monthly conference call for an hour to make personal connection between writers.  Each conference call will have a subject posted on the site.  Then as we call in, after a brief meditation, each of us reads or presents our 3 or 4 minute response to the topic, or if we attract many, we just pick 6 of you.   The topics range widely through your bucket list,  what is the meaning of your name, What is your favourite travel destination?  Or vignettes  about…children…education…love affairs….death….creativity….spirituality….ET’s…. the sky is the limit1…or maybe galaxies are!  Send it in a page written, or a sound file, or a youtube.  **Remember You are the queen of your dharma. Let’s have fun.’

Please spell check and tidy up your grammar so I don’t have to do it.  We want your perspectives “out there”  Not in a pile “to be sorted’ on a cyber desk.

Then they or the ones you choose will be added to www.dharmaqueen.org , our bubbling fount of women’s wisdom.

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